Public liability insurance would have saved a teddy bear

I was supposed to be buying public liability insurance that day. I'd been meaning to sort out cover for my business for ages, but I hadn't quite got around to doing it yet. Frankly, it seemed a bit dull.

When my wife asked me if I needed to be in work early that day and I realised that buying an insurance policy was the only thing in my work diary, I could hardly wait to tell her that I could be late. In truth, looking after my son for a few hours seemed like a much more exciting way to spend my time.

So we both waved goodbye to my wife as she left the house. Instead of being sat in front of a computer, I settled down to the thought that my morning would now involve cartoons, drawing and games suited to a toddler! If only every day could be like this!

By the middle of the morning, I'd decided that it was time to head to the park. A few rides on the roundabout, or trips down the slide, would be ideal. We're fortunate to have a playground that's located close to our home. On this occasion, it meant that we could walk there. I pushed Dylan in his buggy, (fully insured at - best price comparison I could find) accompanied by the usual collection of extras. On this day, they included his favourite teddy bear, Ziggy.

Ziggy was a tired looking old thing. His colour had faded somewhat since he was originally purchased. But Dylan loved him. He wouldn't go anywhere without him. On this day, that meant that Ziggy would be joining us on the slides, the swings and the roundabout!

We had great fun! I must confess that I didn't miss being at work!

When my wife returned to the house at lunchtime, however, she didn't look too pleased. She asked how our morning had been. I told her about the great time that we'd had at the park. She asked if Dylan had taken Ziggy with him. Naturally, I told her that he had.

It was at this point that she held up a battered, flattened teddy bear. Ziggy had been squashed. She'd found him in the road. It seems that he'd fallen out of the buggy, but that Dylan and I had failed to notice. We'd been having so much fun!

None of this would have happened, of course, even I'd gone into work that morning. None of it would have happened if I'd been busy buying public liability insurance!

Copyright reserved worldwide Gordon Parry 2008